Are you looking to improve your TV and FM reception. Do it with an amplifier this page shows signal booster called Pre-amps from Channel Master, Winegard and Antennacraft

Pre-Amplifiers good for all digital and HDTV off air signals

A Pre-Amplifier (pre-amp) is a mast or antenna mounted amplifier used primarily to Boost the signal level while not amplifying noise. The objective of any antenna installation is to deliver enough signal to the TV set to override the noise . A "weak" signal is one that is not strong enough to override the level of the noise in the set. Another obstacle is the signal loss incurred while traveling through the transmission line connecting the antenna to the TV set. An antenna that has acceptable gain at the antenna tapoffs but encounters excessive loss due to long cable runs will also deliver a poor quality picture to the TV set due to not enough signal makes it to the set to override the noise level. A pre-amp would be used to compensate for the losses in the transmission line as well as the noise level of the set.

All pre-amps have a power supply that plugs into an AC outlet inside the house that lowers the voltage and sends it up the coax to power the amplifier which is mounted up near the antenna. The benefit is that you get amplification before any line loss or noise and you don't have to run 117 AC up to your roof. NOTE:  Don't install a regular splitter between the power supply and the pre-amp or you will short circuit the system and it won't work. You can install a special splitter that is power passive on only one port. Or put a DC Block on the outputs  that don't run to the power supply. Also you can't put any type of matching transformers between the power supply and the pre-amp.


Need more range? Looking to get more channels? Are some of your channels pixelating or dropping out?
With the new Boost amplifier series by Winegard you can maximize your current non-amplified antenna performance without having to upgrade to a newer antenna. Designed and engineered by the antenna experts at Winegard, these cutting edge amplifiers are loaded with the latest technology to set a new standard for digital TV amplifiers.

Ultra Low Noise Preamplifier Delivers Ultimate Digital TV Picture and Sound Quality

Boost XT outdoor preamplifier works with any passive outdoor TV antenna and extends the signal range. What sets the Boost XT apart from other preamplifiers is that it boasts a true dual-path design with separate filtering and amplification paths for both frequencies, which greatly enhances signal selectivity and reduces noise and interference to the lowest levels of any product in this category, thanks to our revolutionary Clear Circuit Technology™ and TwinAmp Technology™.

TwinAmp Technology delivers extraordinary performance and signal accuracy

TwinAmp Technology separately amplifies VHF and UHF signals. This separation of bands increases signal handling capability up to 10 times more and reduces intermodulation, thereby maintaining the purest signal path possible. Bandpass filters remove RF interference including noise to the lowest levels for unsurpassed performance.
Winegard LNA200 Pre-amp TopLNA200 Power supply
LNA-200 Boost XT Outdoor Digital TV Antenna Preamplifier

Preamplifier with TwinAmp Technology separately amplifies VHF and UHF signals for maximum performance on any non-amplified outdoor antenna. PDF of instruction sheet
LNA200 YOUTUBE videoYouTube Video on the LNA200

20 dB L-VHF, 15 dB H-VHF, 18 dB UHF
Noise Figure*:
3 dB VHF, 1 dB UHF
+5V at 130mA
USB power cable
110V adapter
power inserter
hose clamps
weather boots

1 year limited warranty

*measured values in given frequency bands are typical


Distribution Amplifiers

A Distribution Amplifier is a type of amplifier that is mounted indoors, usually in a central location, and is used to "distribute" signal to multiple locations. In areas with very weak signals you would need to use a pre-amplifier first to boost the signal levels up to a point where they can be distributed.

Distribution amplifiers are available in many configurations. There are distribution amps designed to cover just off air frequencies and those designed to cover off air and cable frequencies. Channel Master offers the following types of distribution amplifiers: Single output models, Multiple output models (2, 4, and 8 outputs), Broadband models (covers wide range of frequencies, ie...50 to 900 MHz), and Split Band models (designed to cover select frequencies, ie...VHF, 54 - 216 MHz; UHF, 470 to 900 MHz)

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